After The 2010 Earthquake Haitian Art Exhibit

Haiti ExhibitWaleska Santiago curated this exhibit on Haitian art at the Westfield Anthenaeum, where she spoke about the catastrophic 2010 earthquake that took lives and destroyed art (and the country continues to rebuild from that horrendous day.)

My design intends to convey hope that the country’s reconstruction will be successful.

This is a draft. Final design included dates.

Madamas: Women, Madonnas and Mothers

cartel-madamas2For this exhibit, an evocative painting that was part of it made the most sense to feature on the poster.

“Meet the Madama, in her multiple manifestations. “Madamas: Women, Madonnas, and Mothers” looks at images of Black women in Caribbean art, as shown in paintings, batiks, dolls and photographs.” Read more about this exhibit curated by Waleska Santiago at Repeating Islands magazine.

Nuestras Abuelas Exhibit

Issue The role of the matriarchal abuela, or grandmother, for Latinas is monumental. They are for many, indeed, the Grand Mother. We moved forward to create a photography and storytelling exhibit titled Nuestras Abuelas: Su esperanza, nuestra fortaleza (Our Grandmothers: Their Hope, Our Strength.)

Goal With curators Noemí Valentín and Waleska Santiago, we created a traveling exhibit, which was inaugurated at the Fine Arts Center at UMass/Amherst. The grandmothers were from Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, the United States.

Result The exhibit traveled from Amherst to Holyoke, Northampton and Westfield and other parts of Massachusetts, and caught the attention of the Smithsonian Museum, which was starting to coordinate a nationwide exhibit until the extreme economic collapse of 2008 forced it to cancel the effort.

Nuestras Abuelas

Milton Bradley Exhibit

Issue The Springfield Museums presented an interactive exhibit curated by the Fina Arts Center at UMass/Amherst on the genius of inventor Milton Bradley and wants to engage Spanish-speaking families from the region.

Goal Verdant created versions in Spanish of the exhibit, which included interactive material for visitors to become active participants.

Result The exhibit was intentionally engaging to the region’s largest population of people for whom Spanish is the first or second language.

Milton Bradley