Nuestras Abuelas Exhibit

Nuestras AbuelasThe role of the matriarchal abuela, or grandmother, for Latinas is monumental. They are for many, indeed, the Grand Mother. We moved forward to create a photography and storytelling exhibit titled Nuestras Abuelas: Su esperanza, nuestra fortaleza (Our Grandmothers: Their Hope, Our Strength.)

With curators Noemí Valentín and Waleska Santiago, we created a traveling exhibit, which was inaugurated at the Fine Arts Center at UMass/Amherst. The grandmothers were from Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, the United States.

The exhibit traveled from Amherst to Holyoke, Northampton and Westfield and other parts of Massachusetts, and caught the attention of the Smithsonian Museum, which was starting to coordinate a nationwide exhibit until the extreme economic collapse of 2008 forced it to cancel the effort.