What We Do

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We are all about
outreach and engagement.

We are consultants and we deliver products such as websites, posters, videos, audio, print, brochures, and plan events and build presentations for you and dig deep as researchers to get you information that strengthens your organization.

What fuels us is an incontrovertible commitment to cultural competence – we engage communities of color in the work you do. Your services, your movement, your programs, your mission.

At Verdant Multicultural Media, the first thing we do is listen.

We team up with the best creative minds with a strong commitment to making the world a better place. We work primarily with non-profits that address inequities and push for social justice. We create content for ads that connects with a cross-section of society.

See samples of our work here.

Verdant regularly teams up with Reel Communication to produce videos that in about a minute, tell a compelling story that showcases our clients. We build partnerships with creative minds, and work very closely with our clients, to deliver powerful campaigns.

If you want an outreach plan that comes back with lots of people engaged, contact us.

Film & Video
Film and video are a critical means of communications, and an essential part of any cutting edge website. It’s an effective way to capture and engage visitors again and again. Produced beautifully, it also looks awesome on the television and movies screens!

There are several blogging services that are completely free. Yay! But if you don’t have time to write or are not impressed with your own writing, contact us. Blogging is a simple way of staying in touch with your customers, your base, your clients as well as far flung friends.

Social Media
If anyone says Facebook or Tweet one more time- yes, these new methods of communication are ubiquitous even in casual conversation with strangers. But it’s partly because so many millions of people worldwide use social media to share everything from the insipid to the sublime. Don’t you have important information to share as well?

Web Design
You can use a template or you can let us break the mold. We’ve worked with Dreamweaver, Concrete, Joomla and WordPress and of all these, we like WordPress best because there are seemingly infinite templates that we customize to your needs. It also keeps your costs down. Sweet!

We love to brainstorm and create presentations of your choices for marketing your campaign. Whether it is a book, a company, a community organization or you are running for public office, we put our experience and imagination to work for your success.

Scripts for All Media
It goes like this, see? You may not know what to say or how to say it, but we are experts at creating scripts for TV, radio, podcasts, film, video, online and print based on who you are and how you want to project your strengths.

Podcasts & Audio
With computers and smartphones fast replacing television sets and radios, a lively podcast is a gift to your listeners.

Like we said: We produce the media – write the script, we record the podcast and/or film the segment. We do everything behind the scenes to prop you up.

Print and Online Publications
Even though we are beginning the second decade of the second millennium, printing information remains an engaging way of reaching people. Think postcards, posters, pamphlets, newsletters.

Talking Points
OK, you are ready to speak before an audience of five, 12 or 500 or more. We will help shape what you want to say so that in the end, it’s your genuine voice with a little help from your friends (that’s us!)

How do we find out what truly matters to people?

• MEET PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE We carry out ethnographic research, a qualitative methodology in which we meet with people from the communities you want to engage. We conduct one-one-one interviews. Why? Because we believe the richest, most actionable information, comes from finding out where people are, what matters to them.

Rather than ask them if they are interested in good health, for example, our questions are about issues, people and events that they are passionate about.

This is how we build a responsive campaign that connects with people.

• CREATE CONNECTIONS We create a strategic communications and marketing plan tailored to your needs that engages a diversity of people.
An intelligent and sustained campaign engages people.

Cultural Competency Consulting
The new demographics have meaning only if you or your business strive for inclusiveness rather than checking off the boxes. Diversity isn’t an altruistic concept, but smart business and on board with positive change.