Issue Univision Television, the largest network in the western hemisphere, wanted to know what fútbol, or soccer, fans were doing while they watch their teams on television.

Goal A series of one-on-one interviews nationwide with fans in their homes, watching the games, gave us rich information to drill down.

Result We found trends among the fans and based on our report, Univision has a clear picture of what fans favor in terms of food, beverages, technology and clothes.


Milton Bradley Exhibit

Milton BradleyThe Springfield Museums presented an interactive exhibit curated by the Fina Arts Center at UMass/Amherst on the genius of inventor Milton Bradley and wants to engage Spanish-speaking families from the region.

Verdant created versions in Spanish of the exhibit, which included interactive material for visitors to become active participants.

The exhibit was intentionally engaging to the region’s largest population of people for whom Spanish is the first or second language.



American Psychological Association

Issue The American Psychological Association needed its 100-plus page manual for facilitators on how to prevent parental violence translated into Spanish.

Goal Verdant created the manual into international Spanish.

Result The manual is used throughout the United States and in parts of Latin American in workshops for parents who are learning the language of peaceful discipline vs violence.

American Psychological Association

Project Safe Baby

Issue Accidental asphyxiation of babies generally occurs when they are placed in a crib with blankets and toys with which they can become entangles. The tragedy is especially high in the black and Latino communities.

Goal Raise awareness about how to care for babies when they sleep – Always face up, in a onesey pajama and without anything in the crib (no toys, no blankets.)

Result Verdant produced two short videos for Project Baby Springfield to share on its social media page. We also brought in the masterful graphic designer Lisa Carta to design two posters, with photographs taken by the great photographer Denise Stewart, in English and in Spanish, to be displayed on the outside and inside of PVTA buses in Springfield.




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