Live Well Springfield

Issue Live Well Springfield is a new movement in the capital city of Western Massachusetts that encourages people for whom optimum health has not been accessible to make small but significant changes to get healthier. In partnership with 6 Point Creative Works, Verdant mapped out a strategy to inspire people to  exercise and eat healthier, and created a multi-media, multi-cultural campaign.

Goal Verdant asked almost 50 residents in several focus groups about their lives, their options and dreams. From their answers, one of the recurring common themes was that people want to see real people and not models, or stock photography.

Result The media campaign features over a dozen Springfield residents sharing their steps in photos, videos and audio. Changes include taking the stairs vs the elevator, buying fresh food instead of canned vegetables. Most of the photos for the posters were taken by Denise Stewart.  Verdant also brought in another powerful photographer, Shana Sureck, for the campaign. Below are some of the posters. Shana photographed Moyah Smith taking the stairs while Denise took the other photographs.


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